Innovator Spotlight: sustainable tourism in remote mountain communities with Andean Lodges

1 - What inspired you to create your business? We created Andean Lodges thanks to the initiative of two High Andean communities: Chillca and Osefina. During the 90s, the creation of roads allowed remote rural communities to connect with cities. This made business easier for these communities. However, for the alpaca-shepherding communities, this meant a significant drop off in business as the llamas, which were the traditional means of transportation, were replaced by trucks, at the same … [Read more...]

Innovator Spotlight: Surtrek and sustainable luxury travel in South America

Ecuador-based Surtrek is a 20-yr old responsible tourism business running luxury travel experiences across South America. Jeremy Smith spoke to its founder Alfonso Tandazo about his inspirations, challenges and ideas. 1 - What inspired you to create your business? Surtrek began 20 years ago with a local guide who had seen the environmental threat posed by conventional tourism to the region's cultural and natural resources – everything from the impairment the water supply and beaches, to … [Read more...]

WTTC 2013 awards reward Responsible tourism and sustainable development efforts

The four winners announced this month for the World Tourism for Tomorrow awards are a reminder of the breadth of sustainable development issues such tourism operators address, and in many cases of the timeliness of their actions. In the Philippines, Il Nido was recognised for  more than two decades of work in sustainable development and tourism, and for being ahead of the curve by focussing not just on the much vaunted triple bottom line approach, but rather the Quadruple, namely Financial … [Read more...]