Poaching, Hunting and Responsible Tourism – is there an answer that will please everyone?

South Africa has just announced that last year 1,004 white rhinos were poached in the country, up from 668 the year before and just 13 in 2007. An ever-worsening tragedy in itself, and the threat to South Africa’s responsible tourism industry, which plays a huge role in protecting habitat and providing jobs, is vast. “From a responsible tourism point of view we have to make it a priority,” Fedhasa CEO Eddie Khosa was quoted as saying last month. “Our wildlife resources are key to South Africa … [Read more...]

Travel Boycotts – what should companies working to support responsible tourism do?

Last week Stevie Wonder hit the headlines when he announced in the wake of the Trayvon Martin decision that he would not be visiting Florida until the state changed its 'Stand Your Ground' laws. He wasn't alone. A travel boycott of the state at online campaign site Moveon had gathered 12,073 signatures by 21st July. Elsewhere there were calls for a travel boycott of Dubai, following the news that a Norwegian woman who had been raped while there was herself being sentenced to 16 months in jail … [Read more...]