The art of good responsible tourism communication: Are we talking to the right people?

It's not surprising that if one of our blogs is about marketing or communicating responsible tourism, it gets more hits. Or that at WTM last year more people were trying to cram into a room to hear a talk on marketing responsible tourism than were to discuss issues around tourism and child protection. People want to know how to make their businesses successful, and how to communicate what they do to get more guests. Last weekend, however, I stayed in a bed and breakfast in the British seaside … [Read more...]

The secret of good tourism communications (or why I hate towel reuse schemes)

This time of year is very much awards season - the Golden Globes, the Baftas, the Oscars. And as of last year, the first award scheme in the hospitality industry to recognise which hotels have the most luxurious towels. The Fluffies - as these awards are known - is an award scheme with a hidden agenda. What it really is is a clever piece of marketing tourism communications by a cleaning product company, who organised the awards, decided which hotels won, sent out the press releases, and then … [Read more...]

Tripadvisor’s Greenleader certification: innovative leadership… or more of the same Greenwash?

I was pretty excited to hear that Tripadvisor was launching a 'GreenLeaders' certification scheme, announced, like so many green corporate initiatives in the US, to coincide with Earth Day on April 22. With many millions of users worldwide, Tripadvisor has clout, and if it is embedding ethics into its listings, there is real potential to bring these issues to a wider travelling public. The second question in its questionnaire begins; “Do you have a towel reuse plan in place...?” It's 2013. … [Read more...]