Globalisation, the perfume industry and an alternative history of our fascination with scent

When two members of the Ongee meet, they don’t inquire after each others’ health, but ask instead: ‘How is your nose?’ Living on the Andaman Islands, out in the Indian Ocean, the Ongee universe is defined by smell. The passing of the year is marked by the scents of differing flowers as they come into bloom, and while a Westerner may touch their chest (the nearest point to the heart) when talking about themselves, the Ongee touch the tips of their noses. Our desensitised world In our … [Read more...]

An interview with scientists Rupert Sheldrake to discuss telepathy and more

An empty room. Nothing in it but two chairs, one behind the other, and a computer screen that has been positioned between them. A blonde-haired woman enters, and sits down in the front chair to await the beginning of the trial. Seconds later, a man silently follows her in. He too sits down, in the chair placed a few feet behind the woman. Between them the computer screen flickers, lighting up the man’s face with a pale imitation of fire. A command flashes silently on the computer screen, … [Read more...]