Does Cube’s tasting menu offer the best vegetarian meal in Johannesburg?

In case anyone objects to my title before we've even got started, let's get a few things clear. I know that Johannesburg's Cube is not a vegetarian restaurant. I also know Cube has no choices on the menu. Heck, it doesn't even have a wine list. Cube - or to give it its full, and functionally precise name Cube Tasting Kitchen - only does one sitting, and it's a small place, maybe 20/30 covers. Put it this way - you basically walk through the kitchen to get to the loo. But when I ate there with … [Read more...]

An interview with scientists Rupert Sheldrake to discuss telepathy and more

An empty room. Nothing in it but two chairs, one behind the other, and a computer screen that has been positioned between them. A blonde-haired woman enters, and sits down in the front chair to await the beginning of the trial. Seconds later, a man silently follows her in. He too sits down, in the chair placed a few feet behind the woman. Between them the computer screen flickers, lighting up the man’s face with a pale imitation of fire. A command flashes silently on the computer screen, … [Read more...]