Silence is not an option: What can the tourism industry do about wildlife poaching?

lion roaring at Africat

Tourism has always used the best shot. Beaches in brochures are enticingly empty or inhabited by immaculately toned models. The sun is setting with the concrete tower block cropped just out of view. Lazy travel cliches paint the best possible verbal pictures too, so that neigbourhoods are relentlessly 'vibrant', markets always 'bustle', and seas across the world lap aquamarine, turquoise or azure. We sell people these holiday ideals, then leave out the bad bits, and hope they will be enjoying … [Read more...]

From skiing to ferries to staying at home, the many faces of ecotravel explained

I'm sitting on the Stena Line ferry from Holyhead to Dublin on my way to a family wedding. A man dressed head to toe as Curious George the chimp has just strode gamely by, pursued by a gaggle of screeching children, many wielding balloons tied in all manner of unlikely shapes. Plastic pint mugs of beer flow freely, electronic explosions can be regularly heard from the arcade machines, and in the Met bar lounge, a giant projector screen is keeping a few listless voyagers up to speed with the … [Read more...]