The art of destination marketing: inspirational storytelling to sell responsible tourism

Good destination marketing is hard. So much has to be left out when you distill the essence of a place and its people into a pithy phrase, that there is a tendency to play it safe. No wonder the majority of tourism destination slogans favour superlatives that do little other than boast about their country being the most beautiful place in the world. With its new ‘Reconsider South Africa’ video, South Africa tourism takes a different approach, shifting the focus from 'aren't I beautiful?' to … [Read more...]

Will Accessible Tourism soon become the largest travel market in the world?

A year ago last week, I was lucky enough to attend various events at the Paralympics in London. Along with much of our population I was swept along with the spectacles and passion, and loved everything right down to the way Channel 4's 'superhumans' advert helped us see these extraordinarily talented athletes in a new light. All the same, and as I wrote a few weeks ago, I don't think enough about accessibility issues when it comes to travel. However, writing a fortnightly blog for WTM … [Read more...]

Innovator Spotlight – leading the way for deaf tourism with Wesemann Travel

On the island of Zanzibar in 2009, a young Dutchman was inspired to take a unique approach to deaf tourism. Jos Wesemann was there with his father, a man with a long history working on deaf issues in the Netherlands and around the world. And while Jos was well travelled, this was his first experience of being immersed in a local Deaf community abroad. Everywhere he went he was amazed by his experiences and by how easily deaf people from Holland and from Tanzania found it to communicate with one … [Read more...]