SPOTLIGHT: a survery of organisations working for the protection of animals in Tourism

The importance of animals in tourism is rarely commented upon. Yet for many tourists our holidays involve experiences that connect us to other members of the living world. Everything from going on safaris to visiting zoos and aquaria. Birdwatching to deep sea fishing and scuba. Horse, elephant or yak rides. Whale watching to shark cage diving. Then add to these encounters the food choices that any non-vegan makes while travelling, be it the local cheese or pate from the market to the Blue fin … [Read more...]

Does Cube’s tasting menu offer the best vegetarian meal in Johannesburg?

In case anyone objects to my title before we've even got started, let's get a few things clear. I know that Johannesburg's Cube is not a vegetarian restaurant. I also know Cube has no choices on the menu. Heck, it doesn't even have a wine list. Cube - or to give it its full, and functionally precise name Cube Tasting Kitchen - only does one sitting, and it's a small place, maybe 20/30 covers. Put it this way - you basically walk through the kitchen to get to the loo. But when I ate there with … [Read more...]