What should smart travel companies do about elephant rides, dolphinariums and orphanage visits?

Ride an Elephant. Cuddle an orphan.¬†Watch a whale do tricks. For a long time they have been some of the most emotive experiences travel companies can offer. In recent months, however, there have been several negative stories about each of these, many of which we have covered, such as here for dolphins and here for orphanages. I am not going to go into the issues again, but rather look at how travel companies chose to respond. From what I have seen, the responses can be split into three … [Read more...]

SPOTLIGHT: a survery of organisations working for the protection of animals in Tourism

The importance of animals in tourism is rarely commented upon. Yet for many tourists our holidays involve experiences that connect us to other members of the living world. Everything from going on safaris to visiting zoos and aquaria. Birdwatching to deep sea fishing and scuba. Horse, elephant or yak rides. Whale watching to shark cage diving. Then add to these encounters the food choices that any non-vegan makes while travelling, be it the local cheese or pate from the market to the Blue fin … [Read more...]