Does responsible tourism really work? These six new pieces of proof that it does

My research for this article didn't start well. I typed in "Does Responsible Tourism Work" in google, and got precisely one result. What could this mean? Had no one ever asked the question about the impacts of responsible tourism online before? And whether they have or not, where are all the answers? As it happens, the answers are out there, growing all the time. They are just not neatly labelled or gathered together in one place. Which is something we need to change. So to start the ball … [Read more...]

Trouble in paradise – for responsible tourism to be successful, local support matters

Last week I was on holiday with my family in Portugal for the first time in almost 30 years, celebrating my mother having turned 70 and me 40. Portugal is the first country my family ever took me to, when I was 6 months old, and all these anniversaries and nostalgic reminiscences resulted in lots of flicking through yellowing holiday snaps and even more wine-fuelled conversations about 'life back then' and how much has changed, whether for better or worse. While away, I also read a disturbing … [Read more...]

Sustainable bed and breakfast at Pendragon Country House, in north Cornwall

An intimate 19th-century country house hotel in North Cornwall, perched between the sea and Bodmin Moor. It rightfully prides itself on the quality of food and personal attention to guests. The Setting Turn off the A395 that connects Cornwall's two main artery roads (A30 and A39) into the drive of Pendragon House. Your nearest town is Camelford, and the Davidstow cheddar dairy is on your doorstep. From the orangery (where you take your meals), the view stretches out across the fields to where … [Read more...]

From skiing to ferries to staying at home, the many faces of ecotravel explained

I'm sitting on the Stena Line ferry from Holyhead to Dublin on my way to a family wedding. A man dressed head to toe as Curious George the chimp has just strode gamely by, pursued by a gaggle of screeching children, many wielding balloons tied in all manner of unlikely shapes. Plastic pint mugs of beer flow freely, electronic explosions can be regularly heard from the arcade machines, and in the Met bar lounge, a giant projector screen is keeping a few listless voyagers up to speed with the … [Read more...]