Is a good Tripadvisor profile now more important than a good hotel website?

I have just stayed at a wonderful homestay on the Malaysian island of Langkawi. My traditional wooden rice cottage had been saved from demolition, transported here and rebuilt. The food was amazing homecooking using produce from the surrounding paddies and farms. It deserved its Tripadvisor ranking as the second best place to stay on the island. But its website was almost non existent. Three photos, all of beach nowhere near the lodge, and no relevant copy. It was clear our hosts had no idea … [Read more...]

Why I think the DearTripadvisor Campaign is wrong

Strange things are happening in the world of certification and sustainability. It's all to do with a campaign called DearTripadvisor, which is urging the world's largest travel review site to let it's users rate hotels on sustainability, and then for Tripadvisor to include their rating alongside the ratings for cleanliness, service, food etc. Last year, Tripadvisor launched the Greenleaders scheme in the US, enabling hotels to apply to sign up. Earlier this year it launched in Europe. In the … [Read more...]

Tripadvisor’s Greenleader certification: innovative leadership… or more of the same Greenwash?

I was pretty excited to hear that Tripadvisor was launching a 'GreenLeaders' certification scheme, announced, like so many green corporate initiatives in the US, to coincide with Earth Day on April 22. With many millions of users worldwide, Tripadvisor has clout, and if it is embedding ethics into its listings, there is real potential to bring these issues to a wider travelling public. The second question in its questionnaire begins; “Do you have a towel reuse plan in place...?” It's 2013. … [Read more...]