Airbnb claims homesharing more sustainable than going to a green hotel

Homesharing website airbnb has just released a report that claims staying in the rooms leased out by people on its website is much more sustainable than staying in 'the most sustainable and energy-efficient hotels'. The study was conducted for airbnb by the Cleantech Group from February to April 2014 and based on 8,000 survey responses from airbnb hosts and hotel guests worldwide. Findings published on the airbnb blog include: “airbnb properties consume less energy than hotels per guest night by … [Read more...]

Peer to Peer: why the future of travel and tourism is found in radical collaboration

child at Bulungula

The woman who taught me most about how p2p can revolutionise travel has never had a computer. Or heard of wiki and open source. The idea of Collaborative Consumption might excite her, but probably not as much as getting electricity or running water. We met a few years ago, while I was researching a book on responsible and ethical tourism around the world. I was staying with my wife at Bulungula, a remote backpackers lodge on South Africa’s Wild Coast. A guy called Dave Martin had founded the … [Read more...]