Wild Aid Rhino campaign hits Chinese consumers in efforts to curtail market

Of the many errors and misconceptions surrounding the rhino horn trade, perhaps the most oft-cited one is this: it’s all the fault of the Chinese. Read the studies, speak to the experts, move away from knee-jerk reactions and the truth is that China is not the number one culprit. Yes, there was a time when it was seen as a virtual panacea. Li Shizhen’s 1597 Bencao Gangmu prescribed it for almost everything: from “devil possession” to “typhoid, headache and feverish colds”, “carbuncles and … [Read more...]

China’s Urban Billion – review of book on impact of Chinese leaving the countryside

Early on in his well-researched book, Tom Miller, the managing editor of China Economic Quarterly, lays out the scale of the problem confronting the country in which he has lived for over a decade. In 1980, fewer than 200 million of China's people lived in towns and cities. But just 30 years later, an additional 500 million – the equivalent of the combined populations of the US, UK, France and Italy – had upped sticks and left the countryside for the big smoke. There are many issues … [Read more...]