Is Tripzero’s offer of free carbon offsets for flights+hotels a good thing?

"TripZero is tackling one of the most intractable problems in corporate sustainability: the carbon footprint of travel and tourism" wrote Marc Gunther in the Guardian last week. The new startup is offering to offset the carbon cost of your entire holiday - both transport and accommodation - for free. Of course, if the traveller isn't paying to offset their holiday's emissions, someone else is. TripZero says there is not enough commission made on airline sales, so it covers the costs of the … [Read more...]

Discussing what can be done about the issues of Climate Change and Tourism at WTM

Sitting here on Monday morning, wondering what tourism topic to write about for my final blog before this year's WTM, I watched the rain and wind buffet my window, trees shake in the woods outside. And scanning the news websites over lunch, and speaking to my wife, I learnt how the bad weather had caused travel disruptions affecting everything from the Northern Line to Heathrow airport. Seeing the weather my first thought is - I don't want to go anywhere. Now of course, in a typically British … [Read more...]

Do online travel agents give enough accessibility info to people planning their holidays?

I have a confession. When I think about responsible tourism, I mostly think about issues relating to the environment or community development. I don't think about disability, or issues relating to accessibility and tourism very much at all. Put me in a situation and I'll notice how animals are treated, how waste is being disposed of, whether the staff seem to be local or not. But as I walk up the steps, read the signs, listen out for announcements, it rarely crosses my mind that many other … [Read more...]

WTTC 2013 awards reward Responsible tourism and sustainable development efforts

The four winners announced this month for the World Tourism for Tomorrow awards are a reminder of the breadth of sustainable development issues such tourism operators address, and in many cases of the timeliness of their actions. In the Philippines, Il Nido was recognised for  more than two decades of work in sustainable development and tourism, and for being ahead of the curve by focussing not just on the much vaunted triple bottom line approach, but rather the Quadruple, namely Financial … [Read more...]