Bigger and better – a brief review of events at World Responsible Tourism Day 2013

Last week saw World Responsible Tourism Day 2013 move up a gear, with a record number of companies signing up to show their support. By the time the show opened on Monday 4th November, 185 companies had joined what is already the world's largest initiative dedicated to responsible tourism. They represented all different types of enterprises, from the very small to the very large, and across all sectors, from skiing to safari, bus companies to walking trails. And it wasn't just companies this … [Read more...]

WTTC 2013 awards reward Responsible tourism and sustainable development efforts

The four winners announced this month for the World Tourism for Tomorrow awards are a reminder of the breadth of sustainable development issues such tourism operators address, and in many cases of the timeliness of their actions. In the Philippines, Il Nido was recognised for  more than two decades of work in sustainable development and tourism, and for being ahead of the curve by focussing not just on the much vaunted triple bottom line approach, but rather the Quadruple, namely Financial … [Read more...]

What would the future according to Tesco actually look like?

'Why not try spreading it on a muffin?’ I turn round trying to locate the shop steward but I am alone in the aisle. Just above the top shelf of cereals, however, I see the screen of a TV. I stand and watch as the banal nightmare unfolds on the screen in front of me: a 10-second clip of a woman spreading cheese onto a slice of bread is accompanied by a caption reading, ‘it’s great with bread, too’. The first clip is followed by one suggesting an inspirational way to make your own flan (buy a … [Read more...]

Forbidden fruit: addicted to oil. Why modern society will struggle to do without it

Unperturbed by the children’s restless murmuring, Olive and Petra begin their routine. Slowly raising the lid of the gigantic box between them, they turn to face the class. ‘Welcome,’ they intone together with well-rehearsed awe, ‘to the magic suitcase.’ One by one, the two women lift an improbable alphabet of products out from the case – Aspirin, balloons, candles, dentures, an electric blanket, a fishing rod, golf balls, hair dye, insect repellent, jet fuel, kerosene, lipstick, a mop, nail … [Read more...]