Innovator Spotlight: Janine Duffy of Echidna Walkabout

On 5 November 2014, Australian wildlife tour company Echidna Walkabout won Gold for Best for Wildlife Conservation in the World Responsible Tourism Awards at the World Travel Market in London. Jeremy Smith spoke to their co-founder Janine Duffy about the challenges and passions driving her business. 1: What inspired you to create your business It was love!  23 years ago Roger and I were working together and found we had a shared love of nature.  That led to a love of each other, and a great … [Read more...]

Innovator Spotlight: Making ski-holidays more sustainable with Snowcarbon

Jeremy Smith speaks to Daniel Elkan, who founded Snowcarbon to make it easier for skiers travelling to the Alps to get there as sustainably as possible. 1: What inspired you to create your business? I set up Snowcarbon to help other skiers have a more sustainable and enjoyable journey to the Alps. Many people who fly or drive to the Alps would actually prefer to travel by train if they were able to find out how to do it, or persuade their friends to. Even though I didn’t know it at the time, you … [Read more...]

Innovator Spotlight: exploring India’s wilderness with Wild Navigator

Wild Navigator is a new company set up to connect responsible travellers to authentic wilderness experiences across the Indian Subcontinent. Jeremy Smith spoke to its founder, Abishek Behl about the challenges of building a responsible business in such a competitive market. What inspired you to create your business? My inspiration was partly was to do with me being in the travel industry for over 16 years and out of these years, have been very lucky to be traveling / researching to the best … [Read more...]