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Writer and communication strategist, specialising in the environment, tourism and sustainable business

Leadership, Linen and Lightbulbs – Tripadvisor’s Green Leaders Scheme

A towel and linen policy should be taken as read, along with such other low-impact fruit as lightbulbs and recycling. Combine this with the fact a hotel is a GreenLeader Bronze if it “achieves a 30% score on the Green Practices survey” and the scheme risks being greenwash.

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Chinese mining fuels trade in Guinea’s apes

Chimps are being smuggled out of Guinea and mostly ending up in China. And very little is being done about it. The country that says it is bringing development to Africa, is bringing it at the price of the destruction of the continent’s most precious natural resource – it’s wildlife

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China’s Urban Billion – book review

In 1980, fewer than 200 million of China’s people lived in towns and cities. But just 30 years later, an additional 500 million – the equivalent of the combined populations of the US, UK, France and Italy – had upped sticks and left the countryside for the big smoke.

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Rhino poaching campaign targets Chinese consumers

Under their slogan “When the buying stops, the killing can too”, WildAid is attempting to quell public support in CHina and Vietnam for all aspects of the illegal wildlife trade: rhinos, elephants, tigers, sharks and other species.

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Peer to Peer offers an open source, collaborative future for travel

The woman who taught me most about how p2p can revolutionise travel has never had a computer. Or heard of wiki and open source. Collaborative Consumption might excite her, but probably not as much as getting electricity or running water.

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What can tourism do about wildlife poaching – silence is not an option

The rhinoceros is almost extinct. Lions, elephants and tigers are at risk too. But flick through a travel brochure, or browse a website selling trips to see such wildlife, and there will be little, if any, reference to how desperate the situation has become.

January 2, 2013 · 19 Comments

Maasai + Bemba / African = the same

If I wrote a story about a custom from some ‘European People’ and then illustrated it with a picture of a different ‘European People’ engaged in an unrelated custom, everyone would be up in arms. So why’s there no fuss when people do the same with Africans?

December 6, 2012 · 6 Comments

Review of Pendragon Country House, North Cornwall

An intimate 19th-century country house hotel in North Cornwall, perched between the sea and Bodmin Moor. It rightfully prides itself on the quality of food and personal attention to guests. … Continue reading

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